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What we do

Our Approach

We provide a truly flexible solution to any recruitment requirement... designed around you...

With our highly experienced team of recruiters at your disposal, (in all areas of recruitment and across most private and public sectors) and with access to extensive recruitment resources we recruit the highest quality candidates and because we think like an in-house team our solutions are up to to 50% cheaper than typical agencies.

What Data Careers do
Experts in partnering with companies who:

Recruit on a regular basis but need to reduce cost per hire


Have a limited in house recruitment resource / budget


Are wary of typical recruitment agencies costs & service levels

The Key Elements of our Service

Results based Service with no risk

We cover all recruitment costs

Typical saving over agencies

Thanks to our flexible commercial structure

Your quality guarantee

Long term rebates

Advisory service

Help to reduce the need for agencies

IT & Technology – Development, Testing, Support, Project Mgt, Service Delivery, Training
Sales & Marketing
Finance & Accounting
Office & Administration
What makes us different?
We're confident about our candidate quality and offer excellent rebate policies
We offer flexible payment fees & terms (delayed invoicing)
No contract to permanent fees and we reduce the need to use agencies
We have an in house mentality / approach building relationships within your company